• 82.9% of students have reported that when experiencing harassment, faculty or staff members don't intervene.
  • 65.3% of LGBT students have reported to be sexually harassed due to their sexual orientation
  • 39.1% of LGBT youth have been physically harassed.
  • 64.3% LGBT youth felt unsafe in their school because of their sexual orientation.

LGBT youth students are constantly being harassed by their peers in school and most of the time nothing is being done to change this. In America it has been reported that due to harassment and assault, LGBT youth are more likely to skip school and attempt suicide. Apart from that many have dropped out of school and suffer in their academics. Last month it was reported that 5 LGBT youth had taken their lives due to bullying on their sexual orientation. Among those 5 are 13 year old Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, 15 year old Justin Aaberg, 18 year old Tyler Clementi, and 15 year old billy Lucas. Many of these teens are crying out for help but are being kept silent. Living in a society where being gay is considered unacceptable many of those who are gay are kept silent and people are not realizing that these kids are those who are in need of the most attention and support from both their parents, class mates, teachers and elders. Recently, a college student, Clementi, took his life away due to bullying. his roommate posted a video of Clementi having sexual intercourse with another man. After finding this out Clementi took his life away. Many of these youth's are living a constant struggle within themselves. Apart from finding themselves, they have to worry about other peoples constant criticism and blame. LGBT youth are in need of support not judgment.

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Whats going on NOW

After the recent deaths of the 5 LGBT youth who committed suicide due to the bullying of their peers schools are taking these children into consideration and trying to put a stop to the bullying and harassment. School is where student spend most of their day and if they don't feel safe there they wont stay long. A child's education is important and if these students are unable to feel safe in their school environment its most likely that they will drop out and or suffer in their studies. Its important for schools and school officials to keep their children safe. Some students are kept home and home schooled, others attend schools such as The Harvey Milk school. The question is, why should these students be isolated from all of the other students? Sexual orientation shouldn't be a factor to be home schooled and there shouldn't be a need to have schools that pertain to LGBT students because of their sexual orientation. Everyone should be treated equal regardless of their sexual orientation and people should start noticing that.  LGBT students should be able to attend school with every other student and not feel afraid. They should get the support and recognition they need in order to feel accepted in school.

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